Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Leeloo

Have I mentioned that we attend a branch in Orem, Utah? Well our branch consists of our apartment complex, which is why it is a branch and not a ward. Anyway, we really love it. There's so much diversity and so many wonderful people. Roxi, is one of those great people. She was investigating the church when we started attending the branch and so we attended some of the discussions with her. She was baptized while we were on our cruise. She had a baby girl about a week ago. I love holding her sweet baby and spending time with Roxi. Roxi always has such an upbeat attitude and is such a sweet girl.

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Gram said...

It sounds like you have settled into your branch and are enjoying finding new friends. These are good years for you and Trevor and you will look back on them with fondness as the years go by.