Tuesday, February 19, 2013

two months.

copelyn is such a good baby. she usually wakes up twice in the night to eat. she loves her baths. she loves when mom and dad talk to her. she likes to be held and snuggled, but also enjoys laying on her back and kicking/squirming. she usually gets fussy in the evening around dinner time. copelyn is generally a happy baby. we looooove morning snuggles with her. she has brought so much joy to our lives already.

My 24th Birthday

I turned 24 years old on Feb 17th. It's crazy that I'm 24...and that next year I'll be TWENTY FIVE! I had a fabulous birthday. We celebrated it on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning Jeanette was down here so she watched Copelyn while Trevor and I went to the gym. It's funny that we've been just the two of us for over four years, but after two months of not leaving the house alone together going to the gym felt like a date! It was so nice. Then in the afternoon we went up to Fashion Place and ate at The Cheesecake Factory and then did some shopping. I got two pairs of shoes from Nordstrom and then while I was feeding Cope in the food court Trevor sneakily bought me the cutest Fossil watch. That night we went to dinner with Erica+Berrett and Jordan+Jared. Afterwards we came back to our house and watched Chasing Mavericks and ate a delicious red velvet cake that Erica made for me!

On Sunday Trevor went to Sacrament meeting and then swapped with me so I could go to Relief Society. After that we headed up to the cabin to party with my family! My sisters made taco salad and ice cream pie! It was so fun to hang out up there.

I had a great birthday! I am SO grateful for such loving people in my life. I feel very blessed. I am so happy with my life right now.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

outfits i just can't get over.


First captured photo of Copelyn smiling.
Copelyn smiled in her sleep right away after she was born, but at four weeks she smiled while I was talking to her. She loves when I give her my full attention and talk or sing to her. Her eyes light up and it melts my heart. I am so happy that I am her mom. I love being the person that she needs.

one month.

Copelyn's Newborn Pictures