Monday, March 14, 2011

Elder Michael Rife

Michael's mission farewell was on Sunday, March 13th. He did such a wonderful job and we are so proud of him. He was funny, sweet, and spiritual. I know he is going to be a powerful instrument for the Lord these next two years. We will miss him, but we are so proud of him.

Michael and Hillary
Trevor, Jeanette, Kaycee, and Kelsie
Michael and Todd
Trevor and me
Dad and his brother, Roger
Sonhee, Mary, me, and Jeehee

Thanks to everyone who came to support Michael and our family!


Eric & Shayly said...

So exciting Jenny!! I love all the pics

Gramps said...

Thank you Jen for all your help during Michael's eventful day. You're the bestest.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Michael looks so grown up, handsome and ready for a mission! :)
Love your hair! See ya soon girl!
PS..You have to set me up a blog when I visit you haha!

Gram said...

Wasn't it a special Sunday?? Michael's talk was great and the luncheon was fantastic. I think he is truly ready to be a missionary. You are such a good help with everything.

I hope your move went well, too.