Monday, March 14, 2011

Trevor is 25!

Trevor turned 25 on Monday, March 14th. We celebrated the entire weekend long! My parents were generous enough to let us use the cabin from Saturday-Sunday with Trevor's family. Trevor and Troy went snowmobiling all day, which is exactly how Trevor wanted to celebrate his birthday. The girls had fun doing crafts. We ate yummy food and watched the movie Secretariat, which was fabulous. The next day was Michael's farewell and Trevor's family came to support him.
Trevor requested a pie instead of a cake!
Since the Cox family were in Florida over Troy's birthday, we celebrated his birthday too.
My creations, with the help of Jeanette
(she's amazing at making jewelry!)

After all of the farewell festivities on Sunday we celebrated Trevor's birthday with my family.

On Trevor's actual birthday he was busy working all day. We got Texas Roadhouse togo for dinner and watched The Bachelor finale. Where we were surprised to see that Brad chose Emily (doesn't look like things are going to work out between those two). I surprised Trevor with a banana cream pie from Kneaders - he was thrilled!

I am so grateful that Troy and Jeanette brought Trevor into the world 25 years ago. I feel blessed to be his wife. Happy Birthday Trev!


Troy said...

I didn't realize Trevor was gaining on me in years. That's wierd to think we had him in junior high. Thanks Trev and Jenny for a fun weekend and let your Ma and Pa know we appreciate the use of the Heber Castle. Is there a reason my cake is so small?

Tyson and Bridgett said...

I can just imagine Trevor saying "Make me a pie woman!" Haha he finally got his pie...

jcook said...

your jewelry is amazing! I can't believe you made those. So cute!

Jeanette Cox said...

Thanks Trevor and Jenny for having us come and celebrate with you. We had such a fun time.

Gram said...

I am so happy you were able to celebrate birthdays at the cabin. Looked as if everyone enjoyed themselves. I LOVED your jewelry. Jeanette did a good job teaching you.