Thursday, January 13, 2011

a new year, a fresh start

the new year brought hope to fulfill these goals:
  • to read scriptures and pray with trev every night
  • to have personal scripture study and prayer every night
  • to write 10 things i'm grateful for everyday
  • to become slow to anger
  • to have charity and work on speaking no ill of others
  • not to miss a parent/sibling/niece or nephew's birthday
  • to exercise 3-5 times (consistently) a week and eat healthy
{so far so good, hopefully i can continue doing well!}


Jeanette Cox said...

Jenny your an inspiration to me.

A bit about our little family... said...

Good Luck!! ;)

Shayly and Eric said...

You go girl!!!

Gram said...

Those are such great goals Jenny! I truly hope you can follow them and both of you will become even better people than you are.

Troy said...

Those are some preeeeeeeety lofty goals seeing that you have to drive with Trevor Jason in an automobile. I'm just thinking out loud, but the praying part will be cake and it could possibly save your life. The 10 things a day you're grateful for you could count in the glove box trying to keep your eyes off guy next to you giving Trevor the finger for cutting him off. This will also help with the anger issue and speaking evil of my favorite child. You're on your own with the birthday thing and as far as eating can never have too much sugar. This quote by the way, came from an archangel by the name of Micheal. Probably not the Michael you're thinking of however.

Jo said...

Cute blog Jenny! I am so happy to be stalking it...