Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

We called Elder Taylor Cox at 6 AM so we were up early this Christmas. It was so good to talk to him; he sounded so good and so happy. We are proud of him for his dedication and service as a missionary. After an hour of talking to him we opened up our presents. This year was special because I put a lot of thought into the presents I got people and helped a lot with the shopping for my family. I was way more excited to see everyone open their presents than to open my own.

We headed to Orem around 1 PM and got to have Christmas morning all over again with my family. It was so fun! I surprised Trevor with a wedding ring because he lost his six months after we were married. He got it on and never really loved it. He saw his new one on a friend a while back and it was the only one he has ever really liked. I have wanted him to have a ring for a while now, so I used part of my Christmas and some money I had to get him it as a complete surprise. I know he doesn't love rings, but I think he really liked it. We went and saw the movie True Grit in the late afternoon and then had left overs from the Christmas Eve feast with cousins. Funeral potatoes and ham, my favorite!

{He's officially a married man :)}
{The girls: Jill, Mom, Me, Alysha, and Tasha}
{Christmas jammies from my parents}

We changed the way we split Christmas between our families this year and I really liked it. We spent the major part of Christmas with the Cox family (we'll rotate every year) and it was so nice to relax and enjoy each others company without worrying about leaving or driving.

We had an amazing Christmas. Both of our parents really spoiled us. We are so grateful for wonderful families to spend this time of the year with. Thank you Mom & Dad and Troy & Jeanette! We love you! Merry Christmas!


Karrissa Winward said...

I am so glad you guys had a great Christmas! We sure missed seeing you though!!

the hopkins said...

How fun, I love gifts that have so much thought and time put into them :) Glad you had a great christmas!!

Gram said...

We missed you on Christmas Eve. It was much smaller than most years. We had good food and a good time.

I am sorry I missed the festivity on Christmas day. I was just too sick to do anything for the next three days. I just had to hear about the fun. I liked all your photos, though.

grant + brittany said...

okay those are like the cutest christmas pj's i've ever seen! you look adorable!

Gramps said...

We miss you at family events. That is because you are the person who keeps everyone smiling and happy.