Saturday, October 10, 2009

My sisters

I always watch my sisters and learn from their examples. I love watching the way Laura and Mary raise their children, they are both such great mothers. As I married Trevor, I gained a new sister, a little sister. I've learned so much from Kelsie.

Laura and I talk on the phone just about everyday. Sometimes our phonecalls last five minutes, and other days we talk for hours. Since I was just a little girl Laura has been a good friend to me and even though she lives far away, we have strengthened our relationship so much through phonecalls and visits. As we talk, I am able to listen to the way she talks to her children and learn from her example. She is so creative and is always teaching her children so much.

Mary is such a good mother. Over the past few weeks I've especially watched the way Mary mothers Ayden and Sophie. She does such a wonderful job with them. I admire the relationships she has with them. She disciplines them while still mainting a friendship with each of her children. Another little girl will be joining their family pretty soon.

Kelsie has a good heart. In the past year of being married to Trevor I have learned
so much from Kelsie (even though I am the older one). Kelsie looks for the good in people. She is so helpful and such a good sister to me. She is so good and letting me know how much she cares about me, and that means a lot.

I am excited for Sophie to have a little sister soon so that she can be blessed through her sisterhood, as I have been in my relationships with these three beautiful women.


Janet said...

That was beautiful, Jenny. Nothing could make me happier than seeing my daughters have such great relationships as sisters.

The Gallagher group said...

You are so sweet! your sisters are so lucky to have you!

Gram said...

Jenny you are special and I am so happy you have a good relationship with your older sisters, who are also wonderful people. It is nice that you, too, recognize the good in other people like Kelsie. I think I told you before that you and Kelsie also look like sisters.

laura said...

I love you, Jenny. I didn't get a chance to, but wanted to tell you the other day after we chatted (yesterday or Thursday), how much I love you and love visiting with you and being able to keep our friendship strong. I think you're amazing. Thanks for the sweet post.

Richard said...

What a great post, Jenny. Very thoughtful. I'm so grateful for the relationship between you three "seeeesters."

Love, dad