Sunday, March 22, 2009

{Ayden and Soph}

Saturday I spent the day babysitting the Hammer kiddos. They were a blast! I love playing with those two. We had a fun day: we played outside, went to Wendy's, built puzzles, played a few rounds of bingo, and played house (of course I was the baby and they were my parents.) We had a good time.


Gram said...

Cute photos of Ayden and Sophie. It was nice of you to watch them so their parents could go to the temple.

Mary said...

So cute Jen!! Thanks so much for watching them . . . they didn't stop talking about you! You are such a good aunt and a great little sister! love ya!

Janet said...

You're such a wonderful loving and giving aunt! That's why all your N & N love you SO much!