Monday, February 20, 2012

23rd Birthday

I turned 23 on February17th! I had a fabulous birthday. I started it out with an abs and glutes class at the gym. In the afternoon I met up with Laura and her kids at the mall and did some shopping. After shopping Laura took me to Olive Garden for my birthday lunch. It was delicious, as always!

Abby girl
Cutie Hannah girl

In the evening Trevor and I (and Winston) headed up to the cabin. We ate at a restaurant in Heber called Claim Jumper. It was really good. Jordan and Jared met us up at the cabin after that and we watched Baby Mama and just relaxed.

The menu was on the back of that bottle!
My birthday sundae!

Trev and Winston at the cabin
The next day the Buchanans, Todd and Kiersten, my parents, and Hillary came up and we had dinner together. We grilled steaks, which were amazing and had sweet potatoes and veggies. Then I got to have my Costco red velvet cake that Laura got me. It was amazing! I had been waiting to have this since last year because it is so delicious! We forgot candles so Laura let me use her straw from her cup.

We think we're funny. Mary couldn't come to the cabin, so we had an ugly face picture text contest. This was one of the many pictures we sent her. We'll spare you from seeing the rest of them.
LOVING my red velvet cake (and straw for a candle).

Sunday we celebrated my birthday with the Coxes. They made me a ding dong cake! It was so cute and tasted so good!
Winston and Mahzi meeting each other!

I felt so special and appreciated all of the thoughtful texts, facebook messages, and presents. I am so spoiled to have such great family and friends!

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Erica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The best part is next year I will be there:) I love winston even though I haven't met him yet. That cake sounds soooo good right now!!! FAt potential right here haha Love you