Friday, January 20, 2012


{Trevor quizzing Brock for his spelling test}
Last week Trevor and I babysat a family in my parent's ward. They have three boys and they are seriously the cutest. Not only are they adorable, they are well behaved, grateful, and sweet boys. Trevor and I had a blast. Two of them wrestle and one trains in MMA. Trevor thought they were probably the coolest kids ever. We even took them to an MMA event up in SLC (don't worry, we got their parents permission first:)). We had such a great time!

Things to remember:
*They ate spaghetti two nights in a row without telling me because their mom made it the day before she left.
*Austin feeling so bad that I had to wake up to take him to school at 7:30 am.
*Zach saying that all the foods I made were his favorite.
*The boys constantly thanking us for being so fun!
*Trevor and the boys playing MW3 in the basement.
*Having the boys tell me that the cookies I made were delicious, even though they so were NOT!
*Getting ice cream at subzero. Brock getting only fruit in his, Zach getting pepsi flavored with gummy bears, and Austin getting gummy bears in his.
*Treats at the gas station and getting in the hot tub together.
*That I read three books on my iPad over the course of our week together.

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Gram said...

I am sure you and Trevor were the best babysitters they have ever had.