Sunday, November 21, 2010


On Saturday night my family kept texting me and asking where Trevor and I were and when we would be home. It is so unlike my family to be like this, so we knew something was up. The next thing I know they are telling us that my dad bought a new toy so we need to come home and see it. After multiple text messages from both my mom and Brian we decided we had better head home. In the car ride we had no idea what to expect. When we got inside the house Brian told us that they were just teasing us. Then I noticed someone else was there, I thought it was Todd for a second but then realized it was Michael! He was supposed to come home late next Tuesday night, but surprised us by coming early. My dad was in on it and had his friend pick him up. What a great surprise! We are so excited to have Michael home for this week.


laura said...

Fun! What a handsome baby brother we have. Give him a hug for me.

Plus, your blog is beautiful!

The Cole Family D+K=D said...

Hey Jenny! that's a cool surprise :)

... I thought you were going to say: I'm pregnant! :)

Shayly and Eric said...

Where was he?? But I LOVE surprises

Anonymous said...

Happy for your family. :)

We miss Korea, thanks to people like YOU!

Gram said...

We also were surprised to see him on Sunday night. It definitely was one pleasant surprise.