Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We had a really fun 4th of July. We started out the day by going swimming at our pool. Trevor was playing with these cute little boys while we were there. They were so funny, they told Trevor that he was not good at sports. After that we went to the Atlantic Station in downtown Atlanta to do some shopping. Since there's nothing more American than eating hamburgers and watching a baseball game we decided to eat lunch at The Vortex and then go to a Braves game. Honestly, Trevor was a little bored during the game but kept occupied by eating peanuts and drinking his slushy while I really enjoyed watching the game.

It was SO hot
We got there late, so our seats were in the outfield, but we didn't mind
Matt & Jesse Lloyd and Jared & Jenny Petersen
Yay for baseball!
Trevor and Jared were twinners all day, so we had to have a pic


Shayly and Eric said...

So fun Jen!! You two are so dang cute and I miss hanging out with Jen and Trev dog

Troy said...

Interesting, when Trevor played baseball it was pure entertainment to us.

Jared & Jenny Petersen said...

Thanks for not posting the blackmail photo! It was a fun day!