Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jenny Petersen's Birthday

It's been so nice that there are six other wives of the sales reps as well as five of the technicians wives. I didn't grow up knowing very many Jenny's, besides in Korea, but out of the twelve wives there are two Jenny's. Yesterday it was Jenny Petersen's birthday. In celebration of her birthday we went to Six Flags for a few hours, which was a blast and then had dinner at a cafe in downtown Cartersville called Swheat Market.

I'm so grateful for these girls! They make life so fun.

Being silly!
The Jenny's

Kylie and Jesse

Later that night when the boys were home we all got together to sing Happy Birthday to Jenny and to eat strawberry shortcake.

Happy Birthday Jenny!


Janet said...

I'm so glad you have cute friends with you this summer.

Richard said...

Yes, you have some cute friends there in GA!

Shayly and Eric said...

Jenny, I miss you. You look like you are having so much fun:) Wish I had fun friends like that in BOISE IDAHO haha