Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cassville Ward

We have such a fun ward. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. They are so happy that we will be in their ward, even though it's just for two short months. This little quote was at the bottom of the Relief Society Newsletter and I thought it was cute.

I'm a
CasseAlign Centerrole Bakin'
Pot-Luck Takin'
Craft Makin'
Sin Forsakin'
Bulk Buyin'
Always Tryin'

A sister in our ward invited all of the sales reps and technicians for dinner on Sunday. Everyone brought a side dish and she made delicious curry. I had her show me how to make it so I can make it for Trevor. It was so sweet of her to have us over and it was fun to see everyone.
Sister Kelly and me
Sister Kelly and the wives
The Sales Reps


Janet said...

What a sweetie Sister Kelly is!

Jordan said...

Love that little poem. How cute :) You're so pretty Jenny! That picture's gorgeous :)

Gramps said...

Isn't it great to be LDS and have instant friends no matter where you go. Good, lasting experiences.

Gram said...

How nice of Sister Kelly to do that for all of you. You are finding out what we did in our travels. Wherever you go if you are active in the church you will find wonderful people.

the hopkins said...

How cute! I swear wards outside of Utah are so welcoming, we loved our ward in Texas when we did summer sales.
You're always so adorable Jenny!