Friday, July 31, 2009

San Diego

july 25, saturday

We flew out from the SLC Airport around 11am. When we arrived in San Diego we picked up our rental car and went to Seaport Village, one of our favorite places to shop. Seaport Village has unique and fun shops. Definitely more fun for the girls than for the boys.

We stayed in a condo in Oceanside. It was right next to the ocean, I loved it. The boys fell asleep when we got there, and my mom and I did some nail care. We went to Olive Garden for a delicious dinner and got some groceries for the house and went for a walk by the pool and beach that night.

{So excited to go to Cali!}
{Cute Mom+Dad in their new hats}
{Seaport Village}
{The girls}
{View from our condo}

july 26, sunday
We went to church bright and early and then Dad and Mom went to the airport to pick up Brian. While they were gone Michael, Trevor, and I went down to the beach.
Later that evening we drove to Irvine, CA to have dinner with my Dad's cousin and his wife, Gerry+Neena. Their daughter, Melissa and her husband and baby were there as well. It was a great night! We had so much fun talking and went on a walk with them after dinner. The park we walked to had rabbits everywhere, it was awesome!

{Handsome boys ready for church}

{Twinners (kind of)}

july 27, monday

SeaWorld. We went to most of the shows and rode the rides at SeaWorld and even got to do the Dolphin Encounter. My dad is the most generous person I know and he insisted we do this. I seriously love dolphins. They are just cool. We got to pet them and give them signals.

We decided to go back to the condo that night and go back on Tuesday night for the summer night shows. I was happy to watch the finale of The Bachelorette :)

I love SeaWorld.

{Dolphin Encounter}

july 28, tuesday

Beach time. Tuesday we spent most of the day at the beach. It makes me so happy to see how well Trevor and Michael get along. They were way into boogie boarding and got pretty good at it too. Mom and I decided we needed to swim in the ocean at least once while we were there. The waves were crazy!

We went to SeaWorld at about 5pm for the Summer Nights shows. I loved them. They were so fun.

{SeaWorld Summer Nights}

{ Brother+Sister}

{Tough guys}

july 29, wednesday
Knotts Berry Farm! I'll be honest, when we pulled up to Knotts Berry Farm there were some SCARY looking rides. But I'm proud to say I didn't sit out on one ride today. We did them all!
There was this booth where you could pay 5$ and have the employee guess your weight, age, or birth month. If they are within two they get to keep your money and you get nothing. If they get it wrong they get to keep your money and you get to choose a prize. We had Mom do it while we were there and the employee guessed that she was 40 years old. My mom is really 51 so this was quite the compliment. My mom looks young so it's no surprise.
Dad hates rides, so he read a book and a half on his Kindle while we enjoyed the rides.

{The founder of our fun}

{The riders}
{Mom with her prize}

A few of our favorite rides

{Xcellerator- 83mph in 2.3 sec}

{Montezumas Revenge- Mom's ultimate fav}

{Ghostrider- really scary}

july 30, thursday
We went to Horton Plaza, one of the best malls known to man. After a little shopping we met up with Amber Baxter for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. It was so fun to talk with her, she is such a cute and fun girl.
We went to Coronado, CA after lunch. My family loves Coronado. It's just our favorite place. It's so beautiful and charming. We introduced Trevor to the Hotel Del Coronado and had a relaxing time.
We took Brian to the airport to fly back home. When we got back to the condo the boys immediately ran for the beach. They were there for over an hour! They had so much fun together.
{Mom, Amber, and me}
{Hotel Del Coronado}

july 31, friday

We came home. We had so much fun in California. We're so grateful to my parents for their generousity. It was fun to have Brian's energy and Michael's good humor and sweetness. I'm so grateful for my family, I am one blessed girl.
ps - "anyone want a corndog?"


Gramps said...

Boy it sounds like you really had a great vacation in San Diego. Thanks for the lovely post and photo's. It was almost as good as being there!

Janet said...

Great post, Jenny! Now if I can just copy that on to my blog . . . Plus you blog looks really cute - gotta love the bird! Love you!

Karrissa Winward said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! Love all the pictures!

Amberlin Baxter said...

Aww yay!! It was so fun to see you guys. I am so glad you had fun!

Richard said...

Jen, good blogging. We had a great time. Could anyone go for a corndog right now?


Gram said...

I loved all you posted and the photos were great. I could just imagine us there again like when you were little and I got that horrendous sunburn on my legs.

I LOVE everyone of the places you visited and could relate to everything but the "dolphin show".

I must say that I wouldn't have enjoyed the rides at Knotts Berry Farm. Those just look plain scary!! I would enjoy my Kindle with your father. (the founder of your fun)

You did a great job posting and putting on the photos. You need to come show us how.

What is with the Corn Dog??

Jill Parsons said...

I love San Diego and I love to be with Amber there. Glad you guys had a great time.

DentalDad said...

I LOVE CORNDOGS!!!! I make a pretty mean one. I'll have to make sure Trevor and Mike get one when I get to Utah. There's nothing like a corndog straight from Vegas. HAHA!!

Preston & Shawnee said...

Oh this trip looks AMAZING!!! All I have to say is take advantage of all the traveling and fun stuff now, cause Preston and I haven't gone anywhere all summer long! I love Sea World, so fun. And I've never been to Knotts Berry Farm, but heard its great!! I'm glad you had such a fun time. Your beach pics are so cute!

Grant + Brittany said...

What a fun trip! Jenny. You are the cutest. I just love your cute smile! How in the world did you get this cute cute blog background? I want! I want! I just wrote cute like 5 times.