Monday, December 15, 2008

Kurt Bestor Concert

It's been a tradition in the Rife family to go to the Kurt Bestor Concert in Abravanel Hall every December. This year was really fun because everyone went with a date - even Michael! The music was great and it finally made it feel like Christmas! Dallin H. Oak's daughter played the violin in the concert and she was fabulous! Also, a member of my parents ward - Michael Dowdle played the guitar and did great. It was fun to share this tradition with Trevor. Thank you so much Dad and Mom for getting us the tickets and taking us to the Olive Garden after. We had a great time! We missed you Laura and Alan!Mom + Dad

Steph + Mike

Michelle + Todd

{Todd played a nasty trick on Mom and Dad on the way home. It was really bad weather while driving home, and Todd and Michelle had taken Mom's Lexus and Anna was riding back with them since Brian had to leave for work. They told Mom that they had gotten rear ended and that they were really sorry. They pulled up honking - as we all ran out there we realized we had been tricked. Todd said he felt SO bad after he did it and saw how worried we were. Good times}

Trev + Me

Grandpa + Grandma

Anna + Brian

Mary + Me

{I didn't get one of her and Logan}

Daddy + Me

Thanks for the amazing day Dad!

Michael + Trevor
* They went to Savers and got matching Christmas sweaters for the show *
{Michael wore his to church the next day...}

The Korea Group


Mike & Lyndsi said...

HAHA! That sweater cracks me up Jenny! You guys are darling. When do you move??? If you haven't already we should get together and do lunch before you do!

Gram said...

It was a fun day and I am happy we were able to be with all of you. You got some great pics of everyone.A nice reminder of what you did your very first Christmas married. You need to start a Christmas book this year and just add to it as the years go by.

Lachelle said...

FUN! My mom went to that! She loved it! Sounds like a very fun tradition!

Amberlin Baxter said...

Jenni, how fun! I love Trevors sweater ha ha. Looks like you had tons of fun! I am coming to Utah for Christmas and can't wait to see you all

Dev said...

We ran into your mom at Olive Garden but didn't see you. :-( I'm glad you guys had so much fun! Those Christmas sweaters are great!

April said...

What did you decide?
There are a couple of couples that don't have kids, our neighbor just turned 22 and I think her husband is 24 (I don't remember how old you are). We have a way fun neighborhood, there's always something going on! Do you know Todd and Emily Nuttall? Todd was Mary's age and Emily danced with Mary. They live by us also.
It would be way fun if you moved in, there is also a couple of bank repos. I don't know if you are able to buy or not but you could probably get a really good deal on one.
Let me know what you guys do.

Janet said...

Thanks for all the pictures and memory keeping, Jen! It was a good day!

April said...

Yes we are friends with them, is she the one that said they were staying? I will email you my number, give me a call and I will see if I can help you out.