Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gratitude Letter

For my Positive Psychology class (I'm taking four summer classes and will be officially finished on June 24) I was assigned to write a letter to someone that I wanted to thank and read it to them face-to-face. I chose to write this letter to my mom. It was such an unforgettable experience reading this letter to my mom. I wanted to post my letter on my blog so that I will always have it.

Dear Mom,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and how much you have influenced my life for the better. When I was a child you always knew just what to say and how to make me feel better when I was worrying about something (which was usually everyday). You helped push me to grow while still nurturing me with gentleness and love.

In my teenage years you were not only my mother, but you were a friend to me when I had no one else. I didn’t show you how much you meant to me and how much I appreciated you during that time in my life, but I want to now. I want you to know that the relationship we developed through those years will be forever changed because of the patience, kindness and love that you showed me.

When I was engaged I had the time of my life planning my wedding with you and being able to spend my last summer single with you. I have fond memories of car drives, appointments, and shopping with you. Thank you for spending so much time with me that summer.

Thank you for being the perfect mother to a married daughter and the perfect mother-in-law to my husband. You have always stayed close without being overly involved. You have always encouraged me to be a good wife.

I want you to know how much I appreciate you and Dad letting us live with you for six months. I have many fond memories of those months. I loved spending so much time with you. You blessed us with your generosity and kindness and we will never forget that.

Thanks for being a Christ-like example. Every morning I always know where to find you, studying the scriptures. It means so much to me to see you doing what you have always taught me.

I am so grateful that I have a mother who is not only a kind, nurturing mother, but an uplifting, kind, supportive friend. I love you, Mom. I want you to know how grateful I feel to have you in my life.



Janet said...

Thank you for your kind and sweet words, Jenny. I hope to live to be worthy of them.

Charles E Hunter I said...

So nice to see other families blessed with love and commitment. Thanks for sharing, Jen. Congrats for doing such an exemplary job of raising such an internally beautiful daughter, Janet. She is a joy to us, too!

C&C Hunter

Gram said...

That was a beautiful letter to your mother Jenny. I am sure she shed some tears reading it. It is so nice to know that you two have such a special relationship.

Troy said...

If there was ever a Super Bowl trophy for a Mom that would be it.......and where are you going to celebrate, Janet? DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!