Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brent & Tasha's Wedding

My cousin Brent and his fiance Tasha got married on Friday, January 28. They had a wedding dinner the night before at La Jolla Grove, which was wonderful. Brent and Tasha are such a great couple, they just seem like the perfect match. I am so glad Brent found such a great girl. Here are a few pictures from the wedding dinner.

Married at last!
The reception was at Bella Vista and was so pretty and had such a fun atmosphere. They even had a photo booth!
Congratulations Brent and Tasha! We are so happy for you both.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

okay so i don't know you, but i just found your blog through grant and britt's, and i think you and your husband are so cute! sorry to be random, just thought i'd say hi :)

Gram said...

Thanks for posting about Thursday night. I didn't take any pictures so I am glad you did. It was fun to go to Los Hermanos with you the next day.

Shayly and Eric said...

What the heck..I grew up with Tasha...I did not know she was getting how going on the other side of the world really puts you out of the loop.

Cute pics Jen. You are Trev are little cuties!!

grant + brittany said...

oh i love the photobooth pictures!

about the watch, i have been obsessed with michael kors "chronograph" watch forever. right when we were about to get it.... my friend told me that she had bought the mk watch and it scratched so easily and so she took it back and bought one that is almost identical to that one... from target! so i did the same. and $15 is way better than $200. But if you want a nice one just go to Nordstroms. I looked at a lot of places (even Walmart & Shopko), mens sections have gold watches with big faces that are cute too.