Monday, December 20, 2010

Kurt Bestor 2010

One of my family's Christmas traditions is to go to the Kurt Bestor Concert. Jason Castro from American Idol, a children's choir, and a Ukrainian boy were all great additions to this years concert. Besides some mix ups in the seats and a grumpy old man it was a wonderful evening! The music was amazing as was the company. Thanks to my dad for always making this tradition happen.


laura said...

Sad we missed it. Jason was the guy with dreds, right?

I love that Chihuly glass behind you!

Troy said...

I wasn't that grumpy. I just felt Trevor could of dressed up a bit more when I went to the trouble of wearing my best overalls with my special button up Hanes tank top. I didn't even go commando because of the special occasion and did you hear me make one sarcastic comment about Kurt's earring? I think not! Oh and by the way, how was I suppose to know that young lady was being escorted and not an escort. I just think there should be a clothes police at these events.