Wednesday, September 22, 2010

disneyland 2010

At the end of the summer we went on a family vacation to California. It was the perfect way to end our long summer in Georgia. We spent our time at Disneyland, California Adventure, the beach, and eating a lot of yummy food.

Alan, Abby, Connor, Trevor, and I left earlier than the rest of the family and stopped at Zion National Park. I had never been there and it was so beautiful!

Zion National Park:

Sophie was so brave; she went on all the big kid rides.
Dad hurt is Achilles tendon so he rented a jazzy. We all had our turns taking it for a spin.

The beach:

Thanks Mom and Dad for the amazing trip! We had a blast.
A few unforgettable lines:
"Anybody want a pickle?"
"Her body was a wonderland."
"Not bad." (in an Indian accent)


Gram said...

Nice memories of your family Disneyland trip of 2010. I am surprised you had never been to Zion. Isn't it beautiful?

Janet said...

Thanks for recording the memorable lines from the trip!

Jeanette said...

Such fun! It looked like it was so fun.

the hopkins said...

Dinseyland is THE BEST :) What a fun trip! You guys are just too cute.
And I don't know if I've thanked you yet or not, but THANK YOU for puttin my link on your blog! You're so sweet Jenny!

Shayli said...

awww how fun! jenny your hair is so long!!! i havent seen you in so long, can we do a lunch date soon??

The Gallagher group said...

so fun!! We sure miss you guys!