Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It's been a great experience living in Georgia this summer. Here's why:

-Growing closer to Trevor as we moved away from family.
-Making friendships with coworkers and their wives.
-Learning how to use the maps on my iPhone to navigate.
-A whole lot of relaxing; crafting, movies, and reading (I only finished 10 books, didn't quite reach my goal).
-Pool time.
-Learning a lot through my online classes. Nutrition 1020 is my all-time favorite class. I would say that I learned more valuable concepts from that class than in my entire college career. It opened my eyes to the importance of taking care of my body. I learned a lot about my communication skills through my interpersonal communication class, as well.
-The opportunities to have missionary moments. I try my best to be a good example of a Mormon to those I meet. Even if they aren't being converted as we converse, they will remember that they met a Mormon girl that was very kind.
-Learning how to cook new recipes.
-Being called "honey", "sugar", and "sweetheart" by complete strangers.
-Learning how to enjoy some alone time.
-Being so loved and welcomed by the wards we attended. I'm grateful to the saints who live outside of Utah who at times have to work harder to show their dedication to the Gospel.
-Trevor's success, he's worked so hard and has done really well.
-Finding a lot of good deals on cute clothes.
-Learning to enjoy running, even if my knees hate me for it. I've really pushed myself and ran up to thirteen miles this summer.

Some of the reasons I am excited to go home:

-Not understanding people because of their strong southern accents.
-The bugs. I have seen more bugs in the past four months than in my entire life in Utah.
-Humidity, sweating every second I am outside.
-Being away from family.
-Having Trevor gone ALL THE TIME.

Looks like my list of reasons I liked living in Georgia is quite longer than my reasons for wanting to go home. We've had a great summer and I know this was the right thing for us. We are sure excited to head home though!


Jared & Jenny Petersen said...

Cute list...I am very impressed with the 13 miles when at first you were bored after 2. Great job I've now only made it to 8 miles outside ha ha soon

Gramps said...

I'm glad the positive out weighted the negative. A good post!

Gram said...

It was great to see you at the airport and know that you are going to be back in the area. I liked your list of things you learned in being gone from family. Good thinking to help you remember what it was all about this summer.

Shayly and Eric said...

Jen I love you:) You are so cute!! I miss you, it has been WAY too long.. But I am so happy for the experience you have there!!

Matt and Erica said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed living in Georgia. It sounds like it was such a great experience for the two of you! We need to get together sometime and catch up! Hope you guys are doing well :)

Abi said...

I had no clue you even left for the Summer. How awesome. Seriously eat up these years of just you two. So awesome. Building this foundation of what your whole family will grow on.