Monday, June 7, 2010

Western Booth Art Museum

On the first Thursday of every month from 4-7 PM admission is free at the Western Booth Art Museum. I loved getting out of the house and learning new things.

This was a room full of Civil War paintings
This is a painting of the burning city of Atlanta, GA
This painting depicts the youngness of the boys in the war; they recruited boys as young as 7 years old to serve as drummer boys
My favorite painting! The generals attending a ball; Cartersville's general is on the far left
This was a fun painting of some of the presidents
This was my favorite room, it had a picture and a brief autobiography of each of the presidents of the United States; I read every single one
Just a few paintings I thought were really pretty


Janet said...

I love museums! Wish I could have gone with you. I'm glad you're having such good experiences in Atlanta.

Heather said...

I love your necklace, Jen :)

Gramps said...

I glad that you are having the opportunity for new experiences and seeing other parts of America. It's good that we have museums to keep our history.

Richard said...

Great paintings. Thanks for sharing them, JJ.

Jeanette Cox said...

How fun! I'm glad you get to go to the fun places and the historical things also. I love that kind of stuff too.

What We Love said...

Trevor, what up man. I know i've got nothin better to do but check out everyone's blogs.. haha. Dude it's been too long my friend. Give me a call sometime 801 549 8355


the hopkins said...

I love art museums!!! How fun, and nice that you got in free! And look how cute your necklace is with that outfit. You are darling jenny :)

kurt and angel blain said...

jenny!!! hey there beautiful!! I hope you guys are having a blast out there!! Your blog is so cute!! How are you liking it out there so far??? I miss your face! The ward is still fun but wish you were still here.... anyway i was just thinking about you so just wanted to say hi!! Love youuuu :)

Gram said...

I am glad you got to go to that museum. I love museums and my kids do too. Probably because we saw some neat museums when they were young. Now they have seen them all over the world. I like to read all the stuff too.