Monday, October 5, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Wed, Sept 30th

Our flight left at 7:30 AM and we were in California in no time. (Seriously, flying is the best way to do it.) We went to Knott's Berry Farm all day! It was so nice because it wasn't busy at all! We didn't wait in lines, and almost every ride we went on we stayed on for another round.

After we got back the girls went out by the pool to relax while the boys napped. We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Jeanette's cousin, LaRee lives in California with her daugher, Kylie. I had a good time getting to know them, they are so sweet. Kylie works at Knott's Berry Farm and told us some stories about recent deaths on a few of the rides. I'm glad I didn't hear about them till after I had already ridden them!
On the airplane -- we were ready to go!

Thurs, Oct 1st
We went to the Happiest Place on Earth -- Disneyland! I seriously just love Disneyland. Maybe it's the rides, maybe it's the charming architecture, maybe it's being with family, but to me Disneyland is a magical place!
We were able to see the Halloween fireworks and they were awesome! I loved all of the Halloween decorations. When you go to Disneyland, you have just got to stay all day, and that's what we did.

Kels and me with our FAVORITE princess!

C is for COX

Fri, Oct 2nd

Trevor, Jeanette, Kelsie and I went back to Disneyland. One day wasn't enough for us. Troy, Tyson, and Taylor went surfing and hung out at the hotel.

We spent most of the day at California Adventure but ended the day with Indiana Jones at Disneyland.

Tyson served his mission in the California, Vietnamese speaking mission, so for dinner we went to one of the member's house. We had spring rolls and they were pretty good!

I love the trees outside of It's a Small World!

Monsters Inc is one of my favorite disney movies

LaRee and Jeanette

It's a Bug's Life!

Saturday, Oct 3rd

We went to the beach at 7AM so that the boys could surf. It was fun to watch the boys and to be by the ocean. It's so beautiful and I love the ocean breeze.

We went to Balboa to shop and look around during the day. When the boys went to Priesthood, the girls went shopping with LaRee. There were a few stores I absolutely LOVED, and they weren't too pricey either. Then we went to dinner at another one of the members from Tyson's mission. I could see the similarity in the Korean and Vietnamese culture while we were there, which was so interesting. One of the missionaries currently serving in that mission is Elder Earl. He and I went to Elementary and High School together, so that was fun to see him. Tyson served as his companion before he came home.

My cutie.

Elder Earl and me

We came home Sunday morning and watched Conference with the Cox's. We had such a great trip and we are so grateful to Troy and Jeanette for taking us!


Karrissa Winward said...

What a fun trip!!

Janet said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you had a fun trip. Now I want to go to Disneyland - but only if I can ride Tower of Terror with YOU!

Dev said...

Sounds like you had such a fun vacation! I am like you, Disneyland is still so magical to me. I'm glad you got to enjoy time with family. :-)

Gramps said...

What a fun trip with family. Disneyland is a great place. Glad you had a good time and returned safely.

Gram said...

It was fun to see all the pictures you took. Your short vacation was a grand one it seemed. I like Disneyland but I can't ride most of the fun things so it really doesn't excite me to go, other than to watch the fun of the family. I am happy you and Trevor enjoyed yourselves and you didn't even miss conference, either.

Amberlin Baxter said...

what a fun trip, I am going to DIsneyland in acouple of weeks with my parents and that just made me all the more excited!