Thursday, June 25, 2009

an awesome day

Today was a great day. My mom took Mary, Ayden, Sophie, Jill, Alysha, McKinley, Kylie, G&G, Todd, Michael, Drew, Trevor, and me to Riverside to go swimming. It was a party!

{Trevor and Michael with Ayden and Sophie}

{It was fun for me to watch Trevor play with the kids. He was so cute.}

{Peesh and me with the kids}

I've been planning a gel toes party for a few weeks now. I heard about this woman who comes to your house and does them for a good deal. It was really fun and I was excited to host my first party. We had yummy treats: rice krispies, muddy buddies, homeade oreos, and chips & queso.

a few of the fun people who came:

{Sisters. We wish Laura was here!}

{Kelsie, Alysha, and me}
{Mom, me, Mother-in-law}
{The process.}

{The finished product}


Gramps said...

It was a fun day at Riverside. I'm glad we were invited. You need to hold a contest as to which set of toes belongs to who. I think I have it figured out.

Amberlin Baxter said...

Look at all the fun you are having! and cute toes...I have neglected my poor toes and after my race my toes really need some tlc!

Gram said...

Quite the 'toe party'.

It was fun to watch you and Trevor with the little kids at the RCC pool. I was glad we could be there.

Richard said...

It's good to see you guys having fun at the Riverside pool. I wish I hadn't had to work in SLC, so I could have had my toes painted.

Love, dad