Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{a great day}

Today has been a great day - here are a few reasons why:

*Went to the Draper Temple open house with my mom.
-It's a long process, but it was definitely worth it. I really felt the Spirit and enjoyed the incredible architecture (especially talking about it with the pro - mi madre)
*Went to lunch with three great women.
-Grandma Parsons, Aunt Jill, and my mom. We celebrated Jill's birthday.
*Finished putting together our guest bedroom.
-My mom was my angel today. She took such great care of me. She helped me organize all of my things in the guest bedroom and helped me decorate it. Not to mention that she has given me all of my decorations that I had in my room in her house, and is also letting us borrrow one of her beds. She was so sweet and while I was downstairs she put a table runner on my dresser that matches our bedroom perfectly - I love it! We then went to Home Depot together and FINALLY got my handles for the dressers Trevor and I painted and sanded many months ago (and they look great!) Then we went to walmart and got pictures for a few frames in the bedroom and fabric for a few projects in the room. I had so much fun being with my mom today. I'm grateful to have such a great relationship with her. She is such a good example of hard work and she is so good at not procrastinating; which is definitely something Trevor and I need to learn from. Thanks for all of you help today Mom!

*Ended the evening with a Zumba class.


Abi said...

Really that is such a perfect day. I now wish you had pictures up of your guest bedroom because it sounds sooo good!

Janet said...

Such a fun day with YOU! And we got projects done! I'll get your chair done today and then you can post pictures of your new guest room.

Richard said...

Glad you had fun. Glad I didn't go through the line-standing process.

Love, dad

laura said...

Fun! I miss you girls.

So glad I'll see you soon!!!

Gram said...

It was fun going to lunch with you and the food was delicious. You and your Mom had a busy day. I was glad to be a part of it. We'll have to do that when Laura comes.