Saturday, January 10, 2009

good times

This was our first official weekend as residents of Orem. And...we loved it!

On Friday night we went to Guru's (we thought of the Buchanan family as it is one of their favorites) with our friends Jackson and Kimmy Taylor. Then we went and played Scum - but mostly just talked at their house. They are so cute and so fun and we're excited to play with them again. {We didn't take any pics}

On Saturday night my cute friend Shayli invited us over for dinner and games. Shay and Kenyon have only been married 1 week and 1 day - we are so excited for them! Shayli made delicious waffles and Kenyon cooked the bacon to perfection. We then played the game Life - I think it's a new edition with credit cards. It was way fun! They are so fun and we loved being there.
We've been in our new house for about a week now and it's starting to feel like home. Thanks to my mom we got everything decorated before she headed to NY. We have loved being in Orem so far. School is a lot different than USU, but I think we're going to like it. We're excited for all of the growth and changes that lay ahead by our decision to move to Orem.


Amberlin Baxter said...

Aww I am so glad that you found a place and it sounds like its going to be a good new experience for you!

Gramps said...

We are happy that you are in Orem. Hope you enjoy UVU, the friends you have here and work opportunities. Thanks for being such a great couple.

Preston & Shawnee said...

I love Kim Taylor! How do you guys know them? Sounds like you had fun. And such cute jewelry that you guys made, making jewelry is so much fun!! Hope you guys are doing well in Orem.

Kenyon & Shayli said...

yay that was fun! ha thanks for not mentioning the part about me being retarded! haha love you jenny dear lets play again soon!