Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 13

Thursday, November 13th we went to Orem to be with my family. They are so amazing and make me feel so good about myself. I really miss them with us being up in Logan. I'm so grateful for my family. Here are just a few things I love about each of them:
Dad - generous & kind

Mom - easy to love & spiritually continually growing

Laura - creative & thoughtful

Mary - easy to talk to & fun

Brian - hard working & funny

Todd - tender hearted & honest

Michael - a good boy & respectful

They are each so different and I have very different relationships with each one, but I wouldn't give up any of experiences I've shared with them. Thanks for your friendships and examples to me. I love you!


Gram said...

What a wonderful post about your family! You 'nailed' everybody's special talent.

Janet said...

Thanks, Jenny and we're grateful for you. You bring joy wherever you are and love for life.

Richard said...

We always love it better when you are here with us. It's not the same without you.