Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 10

For November 10 I am grateful for Service Opportunities. We had the chance to go to the Williamsburg Retirement Home with a few couples from our ward to be in charge of Family Home Evening. Trevor gave a wonderful spiritual thought/story and I sang with a group. The older people that were there were so fun and full of energy. They loved having us there and we loved being there. They were so appreciative of us. We loved it so much that Trevor and I would like to make this a monthly FHE activity. We are grateful for their sweet spirits and for the joy that service brings.


Gramps said...

Now you know why we enjoy serving at the Seville so much. These mature folks have had great lives and many experiences they can share. Plus they do appreciate your visits.

Thanks for your Veteran Day post. We seem to forget those that served to help us have peace and freedom.

Gram said...

I am so happy you an Trevor had a good time going to the rest home and providing an FHE for them. They really do enjoy young people coming to serve them.

Janet said...

Great FHE! We should do that with Michael!